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Your Badass Schedule

The Badass Business Summit has been specifically designed to help you grow your network with "Get Shit Done" people, generate quality referrals and close more sales to drive the growth of your business and your success.



DAY-01 25 SEPTEMBER 2020

7:00 PM

DAY-02 26 SEPTEMBER 2020

7:00 AM
Networking with the Speakers // VIP Ticket Event
8:00 AM
Welcome to the Badass Business Summit - "I am a Success Champion" // Donnie Boivin

Are you ready for the badassery that is about to happen?  Donnie is going to set the tone for the Summit and ensure everyone is in the right mindset to take full advantage of the badasses Donnie has brought togetherr.

8:30 AM

"You Are the Only Person that can Change Your Life!" // Stacey Magovern

A motivational success journey of a small town girl that went from sales person to running a multi-million dollar company. This program details the importance of connections, learning from failure and the pure tenacity of never giving up. The story doesn't stop there though. After all her success, she goes on to launch a self-funded nonprofit to pay it forward.

9:30 AM

"The Four Personalities You Meet" // Donnie Boivin

Each of us tend to sell based on our own personality and in a way that we would like to be sold to without thinking twice about it. However, every prospect buys based on THEIR personality. Are you able to quickly recognize the behavioral style of your prospect, and make the necessary adjustment? Do you even understand your behavioral style and how can you leverage it to sell more?  In this session Donnie will walk you through the four different personality types you will encounter and help you identify your personality profile; show you how you can quickly identify your prospects personality profile, and how to adjust your selling to leverage your prospect's personality to close the deal faster.

10:30 AM
"Power Up Prospecting" // Stevie Dawn Carter 

It’s time to attack your productivity like a predator. In Dr. Stevie Dawn’s Powered-Up Prospecting you will gain control of the entire sales process from prospect to partnership using her SHARK Method. In this program you will discover how to:

  • Strategically identify this week’s best prospects for maximum impact in just a couple of hours
  • Identify the best way to build solid prospect relationships without 700 meetings
  • Turn every prospect into a client or referral partner
  • Stay top of mind without cheesy antics and wasting time.
11:30 AM
Networking in the Tradeshow Hall // Check Out Our Awesome Exhibitors!
12:00 PM
Panel Discussion // "How to Network with Successful CEOs"

The greatest opportunity for companies to create a sustainable competitive advantage is networking with powerhouse CEOs. However, getting to and having conversations with them proves to be challenging. What best practices should you employ and what should you change, stop or continue doing? Join Donnie Boivin for a live CEO panel discussion on how businesses gain a sustainable competitive advantage now by networking with CEOs.

1:00 PM

"How To Drive More Sales with Marketing Automation" // Kevin Snow

Business is fast moving and every day we are pulled in multiple directions taking our focus away from what is key to sustained growth, sales.  In this presentation you will discover how to create an effective automation strategy that makes a real impact on your business. Kevin will show you:

  • The top 5 ways to add automation into your sales process that move buyers through the buying cycle faster and free up time
  • How to leverage lead scoring so you can follow-up on only the best leads
  • How to measure the success of your program
2:00 PM

"Grow Your Brand with Video Content" // Jeff Gerred

Tick-tock, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram - they all value video content. In today's digital landscape - content is king, and the most effective content for building a brand, is video. To be a relevant brand in 2020, you’ve got to get in the game.In this session, I’ll show you how to get in the video creation game. And for those already in the game, I’ll show you how to level up your branded video content. In my session you will learn:
  • How To Get Started, With Video Creation
  • 3 Easy Steps To Shoot Better Video
  • Creating For Specific Platforms (Insta, FB, Tiktok, Etc.)
  • What Gear Do You Really Need To Create Video Content
  • How To Reach Your Target Audience
  • How To Drive Traffic To Your Website, With Video
3:00 PM

"How to Stop Competing on Price and Dominate Your Market" // Steve Werner

Competing on price is the fastest way to the bottom. First one person lowers their prices, then you need to lower your price to compete. What's wrong with this picture? Your sales (and value) is tied to your price, not to the value you provide. This presentation is about how to stop being a commodity and instead how to completely differentiate yourself from the competition in a way that has your would be clients forgetting about what you charge

4:00 PM
Keynote Presentation - "Unleash Your Inner Badass; Go Big and Go Loud" // Donnie Boivin

You are a badass. its really that simple, You have a message and people want to hear it from you. Donnie is going to challenge you to think bigger, build a team, and take consistent action. Its time to become the person your fans already think you are. Its not massive leaps, its consistent daily action, its getting beyond the employee mindset and shifting to a business owner. Its about finding that business freedom you set out to find. Its about unleashing that inner Badass and going for it.

6:30 PM
Cocktails and Conversations

DAY-03 27 SEPTEMBER 2020

7:30 AM
Special Workshop with Donnie Boivin // VIP Ticket Event

Hanging around the campfire is one of Donnie’s favorite pass times. During this fireside chat for our VIP quests, we offer an intimate discussion with Donnie Boivin. This will be without a doubt the most unique meet-and-greet, Q&A session you've participated in,  where VIP ticket holders get to ask their most burning questions of Donnie and get real answers.

8:30 AM
Opening Session - "Fill Your Network With Badasses!" // Donnie Boivin

The key to setting up a great network is mindset. If you don’t have the right mindset for it, you won’t succeed. If you try to do it for your sole benefit, you will fail. Why? Because others won’t network with you. Are you ready to build an effective referral network?  In this workshop Donnie will show you how to:

  • Be a badass networker that people want to network with
  • Find other badasses that fit the GSD (Get Shit Done) profile
  • Build relationships that cause these GSDs to WANT to refer you
9:00 AM

Join Donnie Boivin as a member of the LIVE studio audience as he records an episode for his iTunes Top 200 Podcast, Success Champions.   On this episode Donnie welcomes Nikole Dickman, CEO of Envoy Managed Services and they discuss the importance of building a team to grow a seven figure company.

10:00 AM
Roundtable Exercises // Leveraging Your Network
11:00 AM
Closing Session - "Where do you go from here?" // Donnie Boivin

Hanging around the campfire is one of Donnie’s favorite pass times. During this fireside chat for our VIP quests, we offer an intimate discussion with Donnie Boivin. This will be without a doubt the most unique meet-and-greet, Q&A session you've participated in,  where VIP ticket holders get to ask their most burning questions of Donnie and get real answers.

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